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The installation, consisting of a pergola and a smaller version that serve as seating, was created for the Design Biennale Zurich 2023 in the Old Botanical Garden in Zurich in September 2023.


Consisting of old sun blinds, the individual panels are reassembled and woven to create a movable installation that invites visitors to linger. 

Through textile processing techniques, a space is created in the outdoor space.

The installation won the Young Talent Award by SwissRe 2023. 

© Design Biennale Zürich, Lea Della Zassa & Timmy Nils Vilhelmsson


The textile industry is one of the largest polluters globally. 8000 liters of water for producing a pair of jeans, toxic dyes, horrendous working conditions, extensive transportation routes, short lifespan. The world of fashion is called upon to explore new paths. 

In his work, Laurent Hermann experiments with discarded materials, dead stocks, or offcuts. These are skillfully transformed into new resources. He adeptly utilizes various techniques, breathing new life into past aesthetics and bridging tradition into the present. High fashion, but without harmful impact.

Gabriela Chicerio

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